Marketing Officer

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About the Job

If your dream is to work with dogs and think you have the amplitude to work in a fast-growing online business, Perro Company is the right place for you!

Behind our mission is a diverse, creative and innovative team with a passion for what we do. As a marketing officer, you will take part in our brand awareness and development. You will work closely with our Product and Business Development Manager to ensure that all goals are met. Your specific duties will include:

Job Requirements

As a creative for today’s generation, you must be able to see angles and stories in seemingly mundane scenarios and find the appealing!

We are a small team currently looking for smart, motivated individuals that can take initiative, handle multiple projects and add value as a member of the Perro Company team.

Things that will help you be successful in this role: ability to innovative, sense of entrepreneurship, healthy sense of humour, and an unhealthy love of pets.

What We Offer