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We are a team of creative, passionate and crazy pets people. At Perro Co., we know that dogs and cats aren’t just pets; they’re family. We believe that our pets deserve the best. The best treats, the best toys, the best seat on the couch. Together, we’re driven to build a pet community and be the people our dogs think we are.

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Offering the widest range of pet food, toys, accessories and treats for both dogs and cats. At pocket friendly prices and conveniently delivered right to your doorstep!

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The most up to date articles about what to do, where to go and a how to guide on everything pet related!

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Surprise your dog every month by rewarding that furry little friend with the best treats and toys the world can offer - curated, catered and personalised!

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Who We Are

Perro Co. was started by Hideki Fujita and Roy Lim in 2015 with an excuse to bring our dogs to work on a daily basis! We hope to be able to serve the pet community and share our joy with everyone!

We launched Perrobox in 2015, a monthly subscription dog box for all the crazy and loving dog owners (like ourselves). Soon after, the pack found ourselves releasing interesting articles about things to do and places to visit for all pawrents. This was the beginning of PerroPet; to provide a well-rounded knowledge site for all pet owners.

In 2016 we finally kick-started PerroMart, your pet's favourite website! From food to accessories, we've got your pet covered from head to tail! Our aim was to become a one-stop dog corp serving up everything we can, from quality entertainment content to some of the greatest pet food we can find, and not to mention a certain (*hint hint) box spilling with surprises every month. Nothing makes us happier than seeing our furry friends happy and their pet parents happier!

If you are reading this, chances are our pups have been barking and you've heard a little about us! Do you go ‘ooh’ and ‘ahh’ every time you peep a puppy doing something cute? That's us too! Check out any of our services! If you love pets, we love you. Let’s create a community that truly cares for man’s best friends - smelling, I mean, smiling every step of the way!

Who We Are

We have served thousands of furkids to date and brought even more treats and toys to our furry friends monthly! Your pets' happiness is our largest glory!

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Looking for a pet friendly environment office and some fun while working? Worry not! Perro Company is the good choice for you!

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Our Antics

Perro Co. is always filled with fun crazy pet lovers incorporating our secret obsession with our profession! Yes sometimes it requires us to clean up after them but nothing brings us back down to earth faster than cleaning up pee and poo! But it's all worth the while, a dream come true for us. We hope our happiness rubs off on all you pet parents in the process!