• Hello from Perro Company

    Here at Perro Co, we pride ourselves in being your one-stop dog corp serving up everything we can, from quality entertainment content to some of the greatest pet food we can find, and not to mention a certain box spilling with surprises every month!


    Nothing makes us happier than seeing our furry friends happy and their pet parents happier!

    If you’ve reached this page, chances are our pups have been barking and you’ve heard a little about us!

    Perhaps you too go ‘ooh’ and ‘ahh’ every time you peep a puppy doing something cute. Sound like you? Why not come aboard??

    If you love dogs, we love you. Let’s create a company that truly cares for man’s best friend, smelling- I mean smiling- every step of the way!

  • Our Service

    Only the best for your pooch

    Perrobox is a monthly dog treats and toys subscription box in Singapore. With free and fast delivery, our team is devoted to make all dogs happy!

    The number 1 online pet store

    Singapore's only online store for DOGS. Find everything you need here at the highest quality and best prices.

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    Everything that you will want to know about Pets in general, bringing you up-to-date and amazing articles daily!

  • Perro Co was founded in 2015 by Roy Lim and Hideki Fujita

    because of the pure love of dogs and the desire to do more for all pet lovers in Singapore.

    We Ruv you guys & your pooches even more!